About Fox “News”

Julie Hotard
2 min readFeb 19, 2023


Here are a tweet thread and an article on recent news from the

Dominion lawsuit against Fox.

Here’s the article by Kurt Eichenwald.

Here’s a tweet thread on the situation by Jay Rosen, journalism professor at NYU.

Fox is a fear/hate/grievance mongering disinformation machine. It addicts people to hate and lies. And Fox can’t claim innocence regarding that addiction. They did this intentionally. They’re destroying the nation. We need to fight the hate and lies.

Time to Solve Disinformation Problems as Military Do in War

The problem is not just Fox “news” which doesn’t have many viewers. It’s that Fox is a leader in the vast Right Wing disinformation network, setting propaganda lies and fear/hate/grievance mongering methods for most if not all of Right Wing radio, TV, newspapers and social media.

And here’s a threadreader app unroll of a Twitter thread about the kind of people Fox and other Right Wing media promote and get elected and what they try to do to the rest of us.

That’s all for now. Catch you good folks later.