Democratic Voters Who Live in Their States Should Phone the Offices of Tester, Sinema, Manchin and These Others Daily to Tell Them to Stop Acting Like DINOs

All Democratic Voters from the states that elected these people — should phone the offices of Tester, Sinema & Manchin daily to tell them to stop acting like DINOs — Democrats in Name Only. Also Chris Coons, Feinstein, Patrick Leahy, and Angus King. If you’re not from any of those states, see if you can find a friend of a friend of a friend who knows a Dem who is a voter in one of those states to call their Senator.

They should vote to end the filibuster. If they won’t, they should all be primaried.

Maybe some of the people and companies who made political ads to help Biden win, should now create public service announcements to let people in their states know how they are betraying their voters, acting like DINOs rather than Democrat, the party under which they were elected.

Democratic voters voted for Democrats to control the Senate. Tester, Sinema & Manchin should not take away that right by refusing to vote to end the filibuster.

See phone numbers at the bottom of this page for Sinema.

See office phone numbers at the bottom of this page.