Allow Me to Provide Some Context Here

The political situation is this: All branches of the federal government and most state governments are controlled by one party. However, there is no natural constituency for this party, because it caters to the .01% and large corporations, including crony capitalist corporations feeding at the public trough.

The only ways for such a party to get enough votes for their candidates to win are:

1) to lie/cheat/steal/hide the truth constantly, for example by claiming to offer benefits to the 99.99% that they have no intention of delivering.

For example, they gerrymander and suppress the vote. Another example is that they insult people and distract listeners/readers whenever a truth is mentioned that exposes Right Wing lies. Another example is that they persuade preachers to promote Republican candidates and views, to get the votes of naive members of religious congregations.

2) to cater to voters’ vices. Some of these vices are racism, scapegoating, irrational rage, extremism, narcissism and unwillingness to cooperate or compromise. The Right Wing can scapegoat others — Democrats, minorities, immigrants, social justice protestors and women — for the harm caused by the GOP and its crony capitalist donors.

It also scapegoats media, people who live in cities (who are underrepresented in the Senate and in the electoral college) and people who live on the coasts and can be bashed as “the coastal elite.”

A dangerous thing happens when the most powerful group in a society caters to people’s vices so much that citizens think their vices are virtues. Vices become more common, and more and more severe. Some individuals may be more likely to consider violence, since those catering to their narcissism and rage may convince them that they have a right to have things go their own way in every situation. The society could eventually self-destruct.

Propagandists generally do cater to people’s vices and prey on previously existing weaknesses. Then if anyone criticizes them, they say “We’re not to blame for those vices/weaknesses. They were already there before us” — even if the propagandists intentionally increased and intensified these vices/weaknesses tenfold, in order to sway people’s votes.

No one will notice this self-destruction happening, if the society’s focus remains entirely on accumulating money and power. As long as money and power increase for those at the top of the wealth ladder, many of those who hold money and power may feel immortal, like gods.

Any solutions that ignore this massive propaganda effort and its impact, are leaving out a crucial party of the puzzle. To meet the challenges we now face, we have to face this situation. If we face it and act to remedy it, we can fundamentally change the nature of the world in which we now live for the better.





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Julie Hotard

Julie Hotard


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