My Interview on The Heartland Podcast

I was recently interviewed about propaganda on The Heartland Podcast. Here’s the recording.

Good luck to everyone in all our Get Out the Vote activities.

By the way, if you are on Twitter, I highly recommend following DouJBalloon, the NYT Pitchbot. He makes joke headline suggestions for New York Times articles. Sometimes NYT has real articles that he cites also, that ought to be jokes but NYT publishes them as serious articles. Reading Doug’s joke headlines is the quickest way there is to learn to see the Right Wing bias in mainstream media articles.

The most thorough way to learn to see through this bias — though it takes more time — is to read by NYU journalism prof Jay Rosen, by Dan Froomkin and Brian Beutler’s Big Tent newsletter at

They’re also on Twitter. I am too, @upine

I’ll catch you good folks later.




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