Please Join Me in Writing to President Biden about Israel/Palestine and Propaganda

Julie Hotard
3 min readApr 24, 2024

In order to help President Biden get all the votes he needs to be re-elected in November, I want to share my knowledge of propaganda and its solutions with President Biden. Please help, if you agree that this is an important issue and that my solutions will be of help to him.

I previously wrote an article explainiong in depth how I see the propaganda on TikTok and elsewhere, about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. That article link is below here. This propaganda is only superficially pro-Palestinian. Its goal seems to be to keep liberals and progressives from voting for Biden, and thus to help get Trump elected in November 2024. This is a goal that would help Netanyahu and Hamas to maintain their power through endless war. It would also help numerous foreign governments that would prefer an authoritarian U.S. president — and/or one who is easy to bribe.

What looks on the surface like a pro-Palestinian movement is actually a Divide and Conquer program running on Americans, and on Democrats in particular, for the purpose of getting Trump elected.

Below is a version of the letter I just sent to President Biden and Vice President Harris — revised so you can use it, if you want to send one. You will know after reading it whether you agree that this concern is valid and needs to be addressed.

Here is the online form you can all use to write to the president and vice president/

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Hello, Pres. Biden.

Thanks for the good things U do.

I see U watch Morning Joe. NYU Professor Scott Galloway today blamed China for anti-Israel protests on college campuses on MJ.

“(On) TikTok, there are 52 videos that are pro-Hamas or pro-Palestinian for every one served on Israel.”

Almost no one knows anything about propaganda in the U.S. Dr. Julie Hotard has written about it extensively. Here is her main article about it.

Time to Solve Our Propaganda Problems as the Military Do during War

The antidote to propaganda can not be a gov. agency, as U have tried before. This is because gov. changes too often & some branches are influenced by MAGAs. Orgs dealing with propaganda have to be stable.

The solution is not to tell people they are being duped by propaganda, as Rep. Pelosi recently did. They simply get offended & angry & refuse to believe U, as occurred.

Liberal orgs need to be the propaganda fighters. They won’t change every time a Congress/president changes.

Also, propaganda works by repetition. Truthful counterpropaganda also works by repetition. Only a well funded liberal org. would be able to keep up this work, repeating truth constantly over time.

So I suggest U talk to liberal donors & nonprofits re: starting such an org. and/or taking on this work. I listed some donors in this article below, but U probably know better which ones might be willing to help & do a good job of this.

How Dems Can Win Big in 2024

In the mean time, voters against aid to Israel need to have their concerns about this & about freedom of speech heard.

You are unlikely to change minds now though, as they trust TikTokers more, have been emotionally triggered & can be reached more often on TikTok than by U.


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

And thanks to you good people for reading this, and for contacting President Biden and/or Vice President Harris about this pressing issue.

Catch you all later.