Power Politics for Democrats and Other People Who Don’t Want to Be Politically Abused

We’re going to have to fact the fact that the Golden Rule doesn’t work with the Give-em-an-inch-they-take-a-mile GOP.

What we need to do now is start asking the right questions. We need to begin the process of looking openly at what power politics is about, and how elections are won — often through fake news and swift boating of candidates and policies. Once we ask the right questions, we’ll be well on our way to getting the right answers.

The “middle” or balance point goes further Rightward, when the Right side goes further Right. Many editors still seem clueless about doing this and about thus leading the public to elect more and more Right Wing public officials. Media still let the average of the Right And the Left, define what is normal.

Since only the government and its laws stand between abusers and many of those who could be abused, think about what happens when we fall asleep at the wheel and allow one or more abuser types of people to be elected to government. That’s right: Abuse & corruption on steroids.

If you have personal issues that make you uncomfortable with having power, or with being a member of a powerful party, then perhaps you should go to a psychotherapist, a meditation group or an Aikido class. Or do whatever you need to do to blast right through that issue and on to the other side, to power. We need to all be ready. The Democratic rocket is going to have to take off and enter warp speed, to get through this and to reverse the damage that the current president and Congress are doing.



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