Superior Use of Science and Technology Won the 2016 Election and the 2020 Down Ballot Elections

Republicans are more skilled at political marketing than Democrats. Democrats are science believers when it comes to global climate change. But we’re back in the Dark Ages when it comes to the science of marketing.

Is the Democratic party using such people, so that they can do large political marketing research studies? No. The party mostly leaves such people in the shadows, ignoring them.

Once Democrats start doing focus group research on messaging, political operatives need to also go beyond this. The current cutting edge of science and technology in the field of elections is in the use of computers to analyze social media to understand voter preferences.

Such analyses are used to discover the kinds of messages to which voters respond. Then campaigns can know how to effectively market their candidates to voters, using social media. It’s what Cambridge Analytica did for Donald Trump’s campaign. Recent information points to Russia having also done this.

In contrast to people on the Left, Right Wing leaning people can tune into Right Wing TV or radio, or read Internet publications, staying constantly within their own bubble and safe space. They can receive an uninterrupted whole cloth Right Wing world view, with interlocking dramatic narratives that continue over time.

Those on the Left, by contrast, are stuck with individual fragments of a Left Wing world view, frequently interrupted by coverage of the other side’s point of view, which may be lies. The Republican whole cloth view seems like it would be easier to take in, process and follow. However, that’s an empirical question — one that could need to be answered by research.

The second of the four interlocking organizations led by Bannon and financed by the Mercers, was the Government Accountability Institute. Legally, it is a 501(c)(3) research organization that is considered to be nonpartisan. This organization was used to research information that might discredit the Clintons and to spread it to nonpartisan media outlets in ways that those outlets would accept and even welcome.

The Hillary Clinton hit job book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, was produced through this organization. A third organization, a film company, produced the movie version of the book.

Why are so many Democrats still in the Dark Ages, in the areas of science and technology? I have already discussed the mistaken belief that the truth doesn’t need to be marketed. Some Democrats also have some discomfort with using technology and social media data analysis. Maybe Democrats need to start attending personal growth workshops to work through their hang ups about technology.

I also think some Democrats need to find ways to blast through their hang ups about being comfortable using power politics.

The time is ripe for Democrats to enter into the world of science, technology and power. It may be a challenge we’ll have to rise to, but we’ll be glad we did.



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