The History of Mainstream Media’s Betrayal of the Public — by Their Treating Fact Checking by Dems as Equivalent to Lying by Fox

Julie Hotard
1 min readMay 20, 2022

This is a Twitter thread, which I converted to thread reader, here. We need to all be aware of the long history of betrayal of the public by mainstream media. Media have been treating lies as equally credible to truth for years. And they’ve been treating fact checking as equally as corrupt as constant lying for years.

This is written by esteemed historian and journalist Rick Perlstein.

This is “both sides” journalism or “false equivalence.” It has a pro-con artist bias. This occurs because when con artists are given equal credibility and standing with truth tellers and dedicated public servants, such “reporting” heavily favors the con artists. Lies are treated as if they’re true, corruption as if it’s honest public service.

How Mainstream Media Destroy Truth and Democracy through Both Sides Reporting