Help! Our Nation Is Drowning in Right Wing Lies and Propaganda. Here’s How to Change That

Still, propaganda media have influenced voters to give the Right Wing control of all three branches of the federal government. In addition, our president watches Right Wing propaganda media for advice and “information”, and hires personalities from such media in his administration.

People wonder why Trump’s approval rating is so far above zero. It’s because Right Wing propaganda media outlets cover Trump in the most flattering light, leaving out all the facts about the destruction he causes, and scapegoating Democrats or minorities for problems.

So the issue of Big Money in politics is essentially the same issue as propagandocracy, because that is what most of the Big Money is spent on.

Many in Right Wing media cater to people’s vices, for example by stoking fear, rage and racism. They often scapegoat Democrats and minorities. It works. It’s even addictive.

If we want to know whether we should use boycotting — the most effective tool in our arsenal to fight propagandocracy- the answer is simple. It’s the same as the answer to these questions:

Do we want to stop our nation’s march toward authoritarian government or not?

Do we want to get Social Security and Medicare off of the budget chopping block where it is now?

Authoritarian government and decreases in Social Security & Medicare, are the destinations we’re headed toward, if we continue to ignore propagandocracy rather than to find and apply effective ways to fight it.



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