What’s More Important for the Nation Than This?

What’s more important for the nation than this?

See the article below from Data for Progress. This is not a democracy. We’ve been living a lie. Voters aren’t getting to choose their representatives when they vote based on lies.

This ought to be the lead story on page 1 of every major newspaper in the nation for years — or for however long it takes to solve the problem and bring back a democracy where what you vote for is what you get. It’s absurd for newspapers, TV news and radio news to focus on trivial matters, while this ongoing crisis continues to happen. Media seem to think we need to know about every one of Trump’s 60+ lawsuits about unsubstantiated election fraud but not much about this crisis. Please join me, as I phone media offices to complain about this error of omission when they focus on trivial matters but not on this.

This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if most of the people who don’t believe the political lies were not in denial of reality about disinformation being a severe problem that requires systemic solutions. But they are.

Here’s the extent of the problem and what can be done about it if we face up to it.




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