Who’s Your Daddy? Time for Democrats and Mainstream Media to Get Smart about How to Play the Game of Power Politics

Media need to come up with a standard of objectivity that has to do with truth — not with “covering both sides.”

Whether we face it or not, media and social media are the primary forces determining election outcomes right now.

Democratic candidates could twist themselves into knots, trying to cater to all the many contradictory whims, ideals and specific policy and process preferences of all voters. And you know what? Voters probably wouldn’t like a party that does that, because that’s a wishy washy weak thing to do.

As Bill Maher argued in one of his recent editorial new rules, perhaps what voters want most is for someone to lead them forward with a vision for our country.

Democrats need to wake up, stop being played by Republicans, and stop acting weak toward the public. The Golden Rule doesn’t work with Republican con artists. And being weak won’t work with a public that is looking for confident leaders. Democrats should take martial arts courses, go to therapy to become comfortable competing for and exercising power — whatever it takes to stand up for themselves and their constituents.

To summarize, both Democrats and media need to develop more of their own independent power, toughness, resolve, vision and objectivity. Both groups also need to stop looking up to, or passively giving in to, highly self-confident people who are actually ignorant or are habitual liars.

These qualities will help Democrats to do focus group research, to win more elections and to govern more competently once in office.

Those same qualities will help mainstream media to do a better job as the free press in our society — to more often do truly objective reporting, investigative journalism, and responsible communication of important information to citizens.

However, this can only happen if mainstream media survive. They may not, without the help of large donors who value objective journalism. Otherwise, there will be no force to counteract the massive Right Wing media empire that now determines the results of our elections and the direction of our government.



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