Anyone not scared now is out of touch with reality.

Please join me in writing to liberal organizations and philanthropists about these needs. If you read the “Can the Real Lessons of Virginia…” article I’ve cited below, as well as my own “Open Letter…” article cited below that, you will…

Hi, Folks

I just wrote something at Substack for the first time. Someone suggested I try it out, so I did.

The Slow Moving Coup Video: Why People Are Shocked by Bill Maher’s Revelations and What We Need to Do

I also was interviewed on a radio show on Oct…

The Divided States of America is a current program on CNN that portrays some aspects of our political situation well. However, it minimizes the degree to which propaganda contributes to the problem. It also gets the problem itself wrong. The labeling of our main problem as “polarization” seems to sell…

Julie Hotard


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